The work of Eline Benjaminsen (NO, 1992) is engaged in the question of how the visuality of socio-economic processes effects our ability to engage with them. She deals with the challenge of perceiving market processes through photographic follow-the-money narratives.

She graduated from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague in 2017 (Department of Photography) with the project Where the money is made - Surfaces of algorithmic capital about the infrastructure of algorithmic trading. She works with a variety of platforms, from museums and galleries to the financial press.

2017 Steenbergen Stipendium
2018 Zilveren Camera, Prijs voor Storytelling (2nd Prize)
25-28.01.2019 Artist presentation and reviews, PLAT(T)FORM, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur
23.11.2018-23.02.2019 Where the money is made, groupshow: Who’s in Control? (C: Rob Wetzer), Fotodok, Utrecht
15.11.2018-15.01.2019 Notes on apocalypse fatigue, OpZicht, Stroom, The Hague
01.12.2018-03.01.2019 Where the money is made, festival: The Wind of Time, (C: Jerome Sother), Lianzhou Foto
25.05.2018-08.07.2018 Where the money is made, duo-show with Lisa van Casand, Heden gallery, The Hague
19.05.2018-15.07.2018 Where the money is made, group-show: My Practice My Politics (C: Saskia van Stein and Agata Jaworska), Stroom, The Hague
17.04.2018-23.04.2018 Where the money is made, group-show: My Practice My Politics (C: Saskia van Stein and Agata Jaworska), Salone del Mobile, Milan
14.05.2018-04.06.2018 Where the money is made, festival: Spaces of Flows (C: Iris Sikking), Krakow Photomonth
04.02.2018 25.03.2018 Where the money is made, award show: Canon Zilveren Camera, Museum Hilversum
15.02.2018-23.02.2018 Where the money is made, group-show: Hyper.Local., ESAD Valanciennes
07.11.2017-18.11.2017 Where the money is made, group-show: Blurring the Lines (C: Steve Bisson and Rodrigo Orrantia), Paris College of Art
16.09.2017 - 29.10.2017 Where the money is made, group-show: Steenbergen Stipendium 2017, Nederlands Fotomuseum
11.09.2014 - 26.10.2014 Temple, festival: Songs from the Heart, BredaPhoto
29.06.2018 Radio, Techno, Fossil, in collaboration with Sophie Dyer and Sasha Engelman,
08.12.2017 Photobooks of 2017 by Rob Hornstra, Photobookstore Magazine
26.05.2017 Spectral Typographies, in collaboration with Sophie Dyer, Migrant Journal #2: Wired Capital
28.01.2017 Eiffeltorens voor de flitshandel, in collaboration with Joost Dobber and Titus Knegtel, Het Financieele Dagblad

Where the money is made

Antennas on top of old water towers, radio masts and abandoned apartment buildings; the sites depicted in this project are not those one would usually associate with high-finance. Yet, this is where some of the biggest profits are being made today. Here, profits are made at speeds the human brain can’t comprehend. The work documents the resolutely physical landscapes of an immaterial market. It asks for a closer look into how value is being processed in the world today.

Guided by the geometric lines-of-sight between microwave transmitters and receivers, the work documents the places where so-called high-frequency trading takes place. Artificial intelligence and algorithmic technology allow trading firms to operate faster than our human abilities. This type of algorithmic trading currently represents around 70 percent of the activity on the global stock exchanges.

The project consists of a series of photographs, a film essay (5:40 minutes) and a publication (48 pages, salmon newsprint). Weight is put on the possibility of each element (film, photographs and publication) to function both in relation to each other within the context of an exhibition and on their own individually.

Installation view, graduation festival at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (July 2017)
Selected pages from the publication “Where the money is made” (salmon newsprint, 48 pages)

Contains contributing texts by Sophie Dyer, Alexandre Laumonier and Joost Dobber. Design by Titus Knegtel

Price: €10,- Available at Stroom, The Hague and Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam or via the button below:

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